How Triathletes Can Get The Most Out Of The Winter Nights


The clocks have gone back and it is the time of year that it is becoming increasingly hard to get motivated to get out there; or in the case of running and cycling the elements and light are against you.

This is where training in a group is perfect.

Join forces and winter train with other triathletes

Joining up with other triathletes in the winter can help you stick with your winter training programme. In actual fact this time of year can turn out to be some of the most enjoyable training sessions. The pressure of the season and the race calendar is behind you. Training sessions consequently have a little more flex and are definitely more social allowing you to catch up with people and not focus entirely on how tough a session is.

At worst there is comfort in collective suffering! This doesn’t have to be with triathlon clubs either - which are of course great being so specific - but don’t be afraid to join swim, bike or running clubs. More often than not, there is great knowledge to be had in club meets, and it diversifies, albeit marginally, your friendship group.


Make a promise to yourself to pound those dark streets whatever

If, however you don’t have the option to join a group then don’t despair there are plenty of sessions you can get done on the dark nights. Hill sets or fartlek sessions along the street light lit streets are ideal ways to bring intensity to your run without focusing too much on strict accountability.

One problem at this time of year though can be getting home and getting out again.  We’ve all done it. Come home in the dark, maybe it’s raining. You come in, sit down on the sofa time machine, check Facebook, think about dinner and suddenly it’s too late to train or at least so you tell yourself. If possible, plan to meet your training group on the way home or even do the session on your commute home.

Get out there, be social and get it done!


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