HUUB Wattbike Test Team


Why cycling?  Why now?


 We admit it - our recent move into cycling may seem a bit disorienting to some of you. For us, however, it’s a natural evolution and a move that will deliver watts, juicy gains and speed to anyone obsessed with triathlon.

You spend countless hours training and racing your bike. We employ the best and brightest cycling minds in the world - aerodynamicists, national champions, CFD engineers, product design engineers, world record holders, physiotherapists, physiologists and people with titles that are far too secret to safely reveal - to ensure that your triathlon gear is faster than anything else available. We call this group of absurdly talented experts the Fellowship of Speed, and you’ll be hearing far more about them in the coming months.

The result? Tri suits, bibs, jerseys, aero socks and a number of yet-to-be-announced, classified goodies that deliver a huge competitive advantage on any bike, across a wide range of speeds and conditions - whether it’s triathlon, track, road or TT. And, of course, the Fellowship of Speed is working around the clock to ensure that all of our triathlon gear performs at levels that no one else can touch.

Simply put: The Fellowship of Speed and our new emphasis on cycling will help us develop even more dominant wetsuits, tri suits and tri gear; and our focus on triathlon will help us make the world’s best cycling gear.

Speed unites us.  Come and get some.