Sizing & Fitting

Not sure about sizing? Our size charts can be found on the product page for each item in our range to help you choose the perfect fit.

How to put on a wetsuit...

What should a good fitting wetsuit look like?

Choose a size below to see how it should look:

Mens Size:   SSMT  -  M  -  MT  -  ML  - LXL  -  XXL  -  SS

Womens Size:  XS  -  S  -  M  -  ML  - LXL  -  SS

For us the weight is the most important factor when getting the
suit to fit right, although the height is significant, it is secondary
to the weight. If you are at the top end of a weight range or fall into two sizes it is best to go for the bigger size or up to the next size. 

Height does need to be considered, but it's not paramount to a suit fitting. If you are at the bottom end of a height range or just outside, for
example, the legs might come up a little long, but these can be trimmed
down (please stick within the limits of the taped inside seam). The arms
will fit securely where ever they come up on the forearm. For a lot of
athletes, it is personal preference as to where they like the legs and
arms fitted.

How the Breakaway Zipper works...