Sub7 Tri Suit - Men's <br>*Very Limited Stock*
Sub7 Tri Suit - Men's <br>*Very Limited Stock*
Sub7 Tri Suit - Men's <br>*Very Limited Stock*

Sub7 Tri Suit - Men's
*Very Limited Stock*

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A long project in the making, utilising our sought-after Aero-Bridge patented technology (EP3213911B1) worn by leading HUUB athletes around the globe, it is now commercially available in a tri suit for the first time. After years of research and countless prototypes, we can finally deliver the product triathletes have been waiting for: the fastest-ever tri suit, which uses the same technology as our Aero-Bridge Undervest and the 3:Sixteen Aero Calf Sleeves.

The SUB7 Tri Suit was created to break the greatest record. With an average speed of 34.11 MPH (54.9 KPH) for 112 miles, from a collective of the best time trialists in the UK scene, the HUUB train went 7 minutes and 40 seconds quicker in the Sub7Sub8 challenge* than their rivals, with some help from HUUB's Aero-Bridge™ technology. Since then, several of HUUB's top athletes have trialled various prototypes of this suit through the guise of our Custom Labs project and the results have been staggering.

Developed at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub and Derby Velodrome alongside the World's greatest engineers and riders, the suit features everything you would expect from our high-performance suits. Its construction is thought out in every essence to maximise aero gains. It also features an Arms Neutral™ design for swim comfort and aero efficiency, and the body fabrics are selected from our extensive fabric matrix to give you a suit that performs well in the heat while being at the top of the game for aerodynamic performance.


Stretching smooth fabric over ribbed fabric (raised ridges form a suspension of material like a suspension bridge) disrupts the airflow by the ridge and then further alters it by the suspended fabric, causing minuscule air particles to enhance displacement of the boundary layer.

This clever trick exploits the conditions that occur when there is increased drag, preventing additional resistance when turbulent creators are applied. When the fabric is stretched under tension over pronounced ridges, a reaction is triggered when airflow hits these ridges. The fabric oscillates and disrupts the boundary layer, reducing drag.

The SUB7 Tri Suit consists of an underlayer with supports that keep the second elastic top layer at bay. The second layer is super-smooth and, therefore, causes no extra friction resistance. The airflow that passes over the smooth layer causes vibrations and pressure differences in this membrane, which, in turn, interact with the airflow in the boundary layer so that, due to the vibration, the boundary layer trips into turbulence. A combination of the elastic tension in the membrane and the distance between the supports of the membrane ensures that the correct vibration occurs at the correct airflow speed. Suppose the airspeed decreases, and the wake reduction is no longer necessary, the vibration stops, and the surface is again very smooth without generating additional air resistance, as occurs with turbulence creators. A further advantage is that the vibration happens and is therefore effective more or less regardless of the airflow direction in contrast to the turbulence creators.

  • Designed for the Sub7Sub8 record-breaking challenge. 
  • Arms Neutral™ design for swim comfort and aero efficiency. 
  • Internal mini gel loops.
  • Aero-Bridge patented technology (EP3213911B1).
  • Precisely patterned to maximise aero gains. 
  • Aerodynamic materials. 
  • Longer arms and legs for aero benefits. 
  • Incredible time-saving performance. 

*The Sub7Sub8 challenge pitted four of the world's best endurance athletes against each other and the clock to go Sub8 hours for women and Sub7 hours for men over an iron distance triathlon.

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