A swim skin can increase your potential in a non-wetsuit triathlon swim. Reducing frontal drag and aiding buoyancy, a triathlon swimming skin can help you perform at your best. In warmer water your swimskin can be worn over your tri kit instead of a wetsuit, allowing you to transition easily and quickly. It is smaller and thinner than a wetsuit so is a great wetsuit alternative when the water is warm.

      Find men’s and women’s swim skins at HUUB. As triathlon experts, we research in detail and rigorously test all our swim wear to ensure it provides the most effective swimming experience. Focusing on fit and form we design products to maximise your potential as a triathlete. The right swim skin will fit snugly and can help save you time and energy during the tri swim leg. As triathletes know, every little helps, could your time benefit from a tri swimskin?