New Triathlon Season, New Promises to Yourself (and friends and family)

Well here we go, a new triathlon season, a new set of promises to yourself. 

  • Who has made these on the back of promises made with mates at a training camp?
  • Who has made these to their long suffering other half, or children who have switched off from listening?
  • Who has made these in Dry January?
  • Who has made these to justify the Christmas present which you have promised everyone is going to make you a superstar?

So here is our list, we bet you have some more:

  1. I will stop referring to food as fuel.
  2. I will stop referring to water as hydration.
  3. I will stop wearing calf guards with cargo shorts and flip flops.
  4. I will wear jeans and a t-shirt with no race logo.
  5. I will not wear “sunnies” after dark on top of my head.
  6. I will learn to use the pool clock.
  7. I will learn what my watch can do, at least half of the functions.
  8. I will not wear tinted mirror goggles for a 5am open water swim and wonder why it's black.
  9. I will swim a whole set with no toys, not even a pull buoy.
  10. I will realise that someone tapping my toes in the pool isn't just being friendly.
  11. I will not look at the bottom bracket while wearing a TT hat.
  12. I will go for a run without a watch, of any sort.
  13. I will go for a ride without uploading any data, anywhere.
  14. I will accept that it is ridiculous to carry a plastic box on a bike top tube or handlebars.
  15. I will not vaguely consider a tattoo.
  16. I will look at a map, a paper one.
  17. I will have a glass of wine and a packet of crisps, normal wine, normal crisps.

If you have photographic proof of at least half a dozen of these, post then as part of your rehab to our Facebook or Twitter walls.  Well done you!



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